Maker’s March Giveaway!

Rules and Specifics

Hey! Thanks for wanting to know more about my giveaway. I’ve been involved in 3D Printing for awhile now and I love it! So much so I’ve wanted to share it with others as well! I also know many people that would love to get into it as well just haven’t been able to. So this hopefully will give all an opportunity to have a chance to have one and become a Maker yourself. Whether it’ll add to your Cosplay tool belt, or custom parts for your inventions, or just simply make cool and useful stuff around your house! So let’s get to the specifics:

To enter the giveaway viewers must earn Maker Points. To earn Maker Points; the viewer simply has to watch my channel when I, deadpixel am live on Twitch at That is it! You then use these Maker Points to purchase giveaway tickets. Each Ticket for the giveaway will cost 100 Maker Points. This Giveaway will run until March 26th.

You can check your Maker Points by typing “!MakerPointsForTheGiveaway” in chat when I am live.

You can purchase giveaway tickets by typing “!MakeMeAMaker #” with replacing the # with how many tickets you’d like to purchase.

  • Winner must be following the channel
  • Winner must be present at time of drawing
  • Winner can be international (However it will need to be a location that is allowed to receive the item and where shipping is available to)